Oh my Stary eyes!!!

Oh! you tiny beautiful dots far above the sky. You keep shining away every day, every night. Blinded to my eyes in the day, you keep shining right there! You the constant up in the sky have witnessed what came to live, built, grown and perished!!

As I travel to unravel the places of my interest, my humble request, “Can you lead me to the wonderful insights you witnessed from the past?”

I hear from others their story, can you help me with your story of these lovely places… Am sure, you would leave me spell bounded and always asking for me… I want to douse myself in the richness of the kings, the pain of loss & revenge, the enthusiasm of the newer discoveries, wins and victories, the far cries of longing and the varied emotions of this mortal life..

Come, lead me into those bitter sweet past that you have witness in these so many years. I am not only all ears but eyes wide open to hear and feel it.. to treasure it till I leave to become one with you..

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