The Tranquil past and a quiet Village

इक नयी मंज़िल की खोज में ।
चल पड़ा तंग गलियों से ॥
पर मिला जो प्यारा सा मंज़िल ।
किसी गांवों की सुनी राहों  में ॥

(In the search of a new place, I started off into the busy lanes. But ended my destination in a quite lanes of a village)

West coast travel-164

On the way to Chikkamagaluru, we landed up in a place called “Belavadi”. In true sense one could say that our Indian beauty is hidden in a lot of corners and quiet lanes. This particular temple built during the Hoyasala empire.This place has its relevance also from the mythological point of view. It seems that during the times of Mahabharata when the Pandavas were in angyatavasa they had stayed here in hiding. Bhema, one of the brothers had slayed the deamon “Bakasura”. Well, that mythology and the Hoysala history pulled us to move towards Belavadi.


We had reached Belavadi after the hustle and bustle of Halebeedu. It must have been 3 pm by the time we reached tired with the sun literally breathing down. The 12 kms between tired and Belavadi seemed to be an eternity due the  construction. The stretch of off-roading did remind me that I do have calf muscles and a very flexible spine. This quiet secluded place is a wonder in  its own. As we entered the village, a calm but friendly feeling welcomes us. It made me completely forgot the troubled road that I just made through. I parked my car on the narrow lanes as there was no parking space as such. (Forgot that I was in a village).

West coast travel-149

Typical to the Hoysala structure, a flat non decorated “Gopura” welcomed us. Right infront the lamp post seem to be dividing the temple into two equal parts. As I stepped into the temple area, the was stuck with the West coast travel-152beautiful sculptures of the typical Hoysala West coast travel-160architecture. The stones seems to be having a life of their own. The chillness inside the temple just sucked the heat out of my body and I was feeling the tingling sensation of being at a power zone. The
calmness seem to have added to the overall feeling. I actually did go off to a beautiful nap full stretched feeling protected by the lords of the  Belavadi Temple.

While lazing around there, we happened to meet the priest (Mr. Bharadwaj). At first my perception told me that he may not be able to connect because of the language, but when we started conversing I realised my own block. He was a learned man and was had done his MPhil in English from Mysore University. A humble man who stuck to following his family tradition while fulfilling his own dream of pursuing his own educational dream.

We spent quite a time at the temple admiring the architecture and creativity at the temple. West coast travel-157West coast travel-161We stepped out from the beautiful history and chilled ourselves with some lovely coconut water. Oh yeah!!! was surprised to see the “Jugad” that Indians are well known for. The Pepsi crate holding the local flavour drinks. Could not dare much to explore that side of Belavadi!!!

With some lovely remembrance of living in the past we moved on the future. But that memory of Belavadi being strongly etched into my memory….

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