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Dilapidated Glory!!!

Tattered and haggled,
Waiting to be known
Yearning for someone to come by,
Hold me and give me back my pride!!

Cud-43On my way to Chidambaram, was enticed by this place, “St. David Fort” at Cuddalore. WoW!! a fort and that too at Cuddalore, a must on my list now. South India having a fort, so what if the google search threw up a small one. I have to go and see it. Set on my GPS to help me reach the destination. As Google map kept showing a closer place, I was getting all eager and excited. As I turned the last right to reach the destination, I could hear the female voice yelling, “You have reached your destination”… And I was like, what, where?? This is a broken place. I went ahead and hit onto to the silver beach just 150 mts away from my fort…

I turned around the vehicle and slowly parked my car next to the gate of a dilapidated house. I could finally connect with that place by looking at the gate which stated that this “Was capital of the english possessions on the coromondal coast, before the French demolished it and later restored in 1785 by the British.”


Today it is a ruined place waiting for someone to recognise and tell the world that there is a rich history that it owned once. Even though it is 350 Years old but still provides shelter to the locals who seemed to have occupied this place as their own. No one to ask, no one to wonder that this was a glory of yesteryears.

Disappointed I noticed a familiar structure. Aha!! this was the one that I saw in the web, it is the other castle bang opposite this so called fort. As I moved my car inside the compound wall, I was in two minds if I should step down. This place had a haunted feeling. Well at 11.30 am in the afternoon, I pulled in my guts to step up my adventure. My partners in crime decided to chill themselves in the AC environment of the car.

The first sight that welcomed me was the dead tree in front of the castle. WoW!! nice welcome.Cud-38

Well I pulled in my guts and made my steps further into the castle.All my fears vanished and I was only left with sadness and felt pity. This small castle must have really seen its glory days. One could see the richness in the design and layout of the building. The steps would have witness the powerful and rich stepping on them and walking about giving their instructions. The kitchen and Utility space does talk about the richness in concept then itself. The barren broken down bedroom reminds of the lavish spread of space. The Chimney in the back yard gives the feeling of castle in a place which is known for more thatch or flat roof structures.

What is left today is broken stairways, walls scribbled all over with obscenity and vulgar creativity, the tiles and slabs that others could not break and take up. People seemed to have looted it well over the last 200 years and left it to the bare minimum for it to survive with its tell tale signs of lost and grief. They seem to be looking up for help and asking for some recognition from the locals who would use its verandah for their afternoon siesta or their drinking sessions.

Backyard view of the castle

As I got into my car, I was wondering a past glory well recognised by Google but in reality is a history in wanting. I felt it as a piece of history lost in the sands of time which could have been an attractive site for tourism.

8 thoughts on “Dilapidated Glory!!!

  1. Whoa!! You narrate so well. Its a brilliant read. Keep sharing more n more.I would look froward to it 🙂


  2. It is a beautiful mansion constructed by the British people in 18th.century and since then I suppose it remained unused for a long period which may be the reason of its dilapidation.The people might have played their role to ruin it further .Govt. has not taken any interest to maintain it.Anyway it is a good thing that you have taken lot of interest to bring it to lime light with beautiful pictures. It is a good thing you have done

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