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Flip around & laugh
Double jump & giggle
Hip hop & roll
Fly high & a high five

Early morning at the beach is like a recharge for the fluttering soul. It was a beautiful bright morning on the Quilon beach when we had just settled down to the serenity around. Quilon beach has one of the choppiest beach, and one could still find calmness to recharge 16 - 1oneself. As I turned around, I found two friends lying down on the beach with one holding a piece of paper which looked like a letter.. This fellow would fold it and keep it in the pocket and then again remove it to read it.. It took me back to the times when some of these papers were a treasure to hold on to, unlike today.

As the time went by, we got up and started walking towards the other end of the beach to feel the expanses of Arabian sea. With every step we felt the sea was welcoming us with a bigger roar.. One could just soak it all in. We walked almost close to the ship that had broken down five years back and now is docked on the beach. the waves were splashing against it giggling at the fate that this beast of the sea was at. It was a beautiful sight.. Having walked for more than a kilometre we decided to do an about turn and return..Kollam-86

A high flip at a distant that caught my eye and I turned to my partner to share a point of admiration just to realise that she was already walking up to that group of people doing the flips and summersaults. With me and my camera, the actions began to rise and I started my shoots. With her discussions, got to know that these bunch of people were just kids. The youngest of all was 15 years while the eldest being that of 19 years..

When asked what they are doing, none of them hesitated to state that they were practicing dance and wanted to be “Back Stage Dancers”

That made us more curious and asked, why back stage, why not in the front.. Pat came the response, “Sir, there is more dance in the back stage and we love to dance. Yes we do participate in dance competitions”.

That statement intrigued us more and we went questioning..

Us: So who is your coach?? where is your master?
Kids: We do not have a coach, we train ourselves

Us: Train Ourselves!! mean?
Kids: Madam, we believe in team work. No boss here, anyone has good idea and we take that up”
(And here in office, we are creating structures to have work done with fun.. The kids were pushing me to think beyond now!!)

Us: Where do you compete and perform?
Kids: We perform on TV, many a times and we participate in local competitions. You should come during Onam, it is lots of fun. Do come and see us perform!!

The beauty was that, two would answer and the others would be doing their practice.. This photo and discussions were like normal thing. We continued and the kids kept coming back to respond 🙂

Us: You all stay close by?
kids: No sir, most of stay in atleast 2 kms away. All are from different places. None of us from Quilon area. Some of us work too, so early morning practice and then we are off to our work or school.
(They are teaching me what hard work and passion means!!! I was stunned!!)

Us: So what do you call your gang as?

Impressed we asked them can you do a small show for us they all giggled and said, “Sir, there is no music”..

“So what ever you guys can do, would love to do a small video”, we asked and they were more than glad to show their moves… A beautiful practice..

At the end we said, we would love to have a selfie with you all. So that when you get famous we could remember you all..

One of them ran and grabbed his shirt for the pic… “So far all practice.. now the time to do the branding and that should be done well”..16 - 1-2

As we moved from that high energy place, I learned a lot and more so was running high on our energy levels.. Fully charged and were carrying extra batteries 🙂

They were really the Stallions, filled with Passion and energy to go beyond they current situation. Live the moment and share the energy that could ignite anyone…

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