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Chausathi Jogini – Mahamaya

“Sixty and four are the instruments of enjoyments that tempt the individual soul (jiva). Sixty and four are the divisions (kalas) within jiva; Sixty and four are the chambers of jiva’s chakras; Sixty and four; where Shiva-Shakti reside." - Thirumandiram V. 1418 India has been and am sure will continue to be a land of radical thoughts and beliefs. It is… Continue reading Chausathi Jogini – Mahamaya

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Sublime ecosystem – Chilika

  Chilika, the shallow brackish lagoon on the south eastern part of Odisha, today is an integral part of the state. A distinctive landmark that is not only well established from tourism perspective but also is well know for its "Tiger Prawn" cultivation worldwide. A landmark that was once a maritime hub with a rich history, today… Continue reading Sublime ecosystem – Chilika