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Fort Art!!!

"Expect the unexpected!!" The word fort raises so much expectations and imaginations of what could be there. I too had an imagination of huge walls, fortification, palatial place ... Well, all that was about to happen when we stepped into the ferry to go to Kochi Fort, a small island off the mainland. As we stepped… Continue reading Fort Art!!!


The Tranquil past and a quiet Village

इक नयी मंज़िल की खोज में । चल पड़ा तंग गलियों से ॥ पर मिला जो प्यारा सा मंज़िल । किसी गांवों की सुनी राहों  में ॥ (In the search of a new place, I started off into the busy lanes. But ended my destination in a quite lanes of a village) On the way to Chikkamagaluru,… Continue reading The Tranquil past and a quiet Village


Mystical Marvel…

इक नये ऐहसास की खोज मैं । निकल पड़ा अंजानी राहों पे ॥ मिल बैठा कई अजनबी रिश्तों से । हर मोड़ पे इक नयी कहानी  के  संग ॥ (In the desire to experience something new, i ventured into the unknown roads. Just to meet up with unknown relations at every turn and to learn… Continue reading Mystical Marvel…