I love Photography & especially of the things happening around me. Below is some of the delights that I have shot over a period of time. Enjoy them & if you like any, do reach out to me!!! 🙂

Channelizing and finding the path 

There is a guiding force that drives us to what we want to do and be…

Konark Dance place (Natya Mandapa)

The amazing work of craftsmanship that is today getting lost with time..

64 Yoginis

This is a beautiful shrine of 64 Yoginis (Chausathi joginis – in Odiya). A place not many are aware off, located just at the outskirts of Bhubaneswar.


The sun playing Hide n Seek with the clouds gives a beautiful view over the marsh land.

Thunderous view

The beautiful cloud cover, over the Urban Horizon.

Beauty in Kerala

Water streets in Kerala are beautiful

Serenity in simplicity

Nature has its own beautiful way of representation… Awesome..

Real working class
Simple life

Reality of Odisha’s rural… Simple living and simple lifestyle…


Textile (84 of 336)
On the banks of a sangam… River Tel & River Mahanadi merge to finally become the large Mahanadi River of Odisha.. @ Sonepur, Odisha
Pondy (8 of 77)
Superstitious belief of Lime & Chilli together is good luck 🙂
Pondy (15 of 77)
Indian Transport … world famous.. Auto or Tuk-Tuk.. Come enjoy a three wheeled drive






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