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Bankapur Nagareshvara Shiva

Being lost even when GPS seems working I think is something that we have taken up for granted. And, finding newer things and pausing to find something beautiful is a new normal then. Well Bankapur fort was one such place. We had read about the Nagareshvara Temple inside the fort and wanted to check that… Continue reading Bankapur Nagareshvara Shiva

Exploring · Incredible india · karnataka · Ruins · Travel India · Travelling

Chitra & Durga

Stones can be a guardian when used to fortify Stones can be an art when crafted by an artisan Stones can beautify when weather does its natural work Chitradurga, is an fort that is a combination of all where nature has worked along with the kings of yesteryears to build at fort that was a… Continue reading Chitra & Durga